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Kitty Youngquist


Kitty's a highly skilled stylist and licensed NBR (Natural Beaded Rows) Artist. She offers exceptional hair extension services. As owner of both Mirror Mirror Extension Lounge and Fabrik Salon, Kitty has a passion for all things hair & beauty. With her experience, she only knows how to offer the best.

Mirror Mirror Hair Extension Lounge - Missoula, MT

About Kitty 

In an exciting transition that promises to bring fresh perspectives and a renewed sense of creativity, Lisa Gregory, the beloved owner of Fabrik Salon, has passed the crown to Kitty Youngquist, a highly skilled stylist and licensed NBR (Natural Beaded Rows) Artist, on June 1, 2023. The downtown Missoula salon is abuzz with anticipation as Kitty steps into her new role as owner, bringing her expertise in NBR extensions to the forefront.


Fabrik Salon has long been a go-to destination for those seeking exceptional hair and beauty services, as well as a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Lisa Gregory's leadership and dedication have shaped the salon into a cherished space where clients not only leave looking their best but also feeling uplifted and empowered.


With Kitty Youngquist's passion for the industry and her specialization as an artist, Fabrik Salon is poised to enter a new era of innovation and hair transformations. Kitty's extensive experience in the art of Natural Beaded Rows, combined with her innate talent for understanding clients' desires, make her the perfect fit to carry the salon's legacy forward.


"I am incredibly honored and excited to take the reins of Fabrik Salon," says Kitty Youngquist. "Lisa Gregory has created something truly special here, and my goal is to build upon that foundation and elevate the salon to new heights. With my expertise, I'm thrilled to offer clients the transformative power of Natural Beaded Rows, providing them with seamless, voluminous hair that enhances their natural beauty."


Fabrik Salon's reputation for excellence is rooted in its commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry. Under Kitty's guidance, clients can expect a heightened focus on NBR extensions, precision cuts, and personalized color services that cater to a diverse clientele.


While change is on the horizon, Lisa Gregory reassures clients that the warm, friendly environment they have come to cherish will remain intact.


"I have complete confidence in Kitty's abilities and her dedication to providing outstanding service," says Lisa. "Fabrik Salon will continue to be a place where everyone feels valued, heard, and leaves with a smile. I'm thrilled to witness Kitty's journey as she takes the salon to exciting new heights."

Fabrik Salon celebrated the official transition on June 1, 2023, with a grand reopening event, inviting both loyal clients and new visitors to experience the transformed space and meet Kitty Youngquist, the skilled NBR specialist.


Fabrik Salon's commitment to excellence, personalized care, and creating a memorable experience for each client remains steadfast, promising an even brighter future under Kitty's ownership and expertise. 


Growing up in the Flathead Valley, Kitty Youngquist has been fascinated with finding the beauty in everything for as long as she can remember. In fact, she will be the first to tell you “Everyone is beautiful, I just make it obvious.”


As a Master Stylist and Color Specialist, Kitty began professionally making people beautiful in 1991. Trained in LA and with a background catering to the stars and the fashion industry, she excelled in both hair and makeup, catapulting to the top in both Sacramento and Salt Lake City before coming back home.

Top-Rated Extensions

Extensions go beyond addressing hair concerns — they create consistent color and desired highlights, providing a low-maintenance solution that saves time and effort. Whether you seek added length, fullness, or a polished look that your natural hair can’t achieve, hair extensions truly enhance your appearance, and increases your confidence. 

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Schedule your next hair and beauty service at our Missoula location, conveniently located downtown. Unleash your beauty at the exceptional hands of our talented crew.

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