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Meg Hansen

Esthetician, PMU Artist

Meg Hansen is a licensed, experienced esthetician and make-up artist who has been making Missoula beautiful since 2006. She offers exceptional hair removal, skincare, lash/brow services, and make-up. She's your source for skin and beauty care.  Her affinity for glitter, glam, and everything vintage makes her a stylish and instantly recognizable part of Missoula.

About MeG

What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone looking to elevate their beauty routine?
The best beauty advice I can offer my clients is to always consider the long-term benefits over quick fixes and fleeting trends. While they may be tempting, they often don't align with your long-term goals. Instead, find a skincare routine that suits you and stay consistent with it. And above all, never underestimate the importance of sunscreen—it's the cornerstone of any effective beauty regimen."

Outside of the salon, what are your hobbies or passions that bring you joy?

"When I'm not at the salon, you'll find me performing burlesque! This creative outlet allows me to combine movement through dance with extravagant and glamorous fashion. Burlesque has also opened the door to travel, enabling me to explore new places, which is one of my greatest passions. I'm grateful to have such a dynamic and fulfilling balance between my professional and personal life."


What’s your favorite part about working with clients in the salon?
"I am passionate about helping clients feel like their best selves. Whether it's a small enhancement or a significant transformation, my goal is to ensure each client feels authentic and confident. I focus on delivering services that genuinely enhance their well-being, rather than pushing unnecessary treatments. My motto is to help clients embrace their true selves with treatments that make them feel truly great and fit their lifestyle routines. "

Meet Meg, an accomplished esthetician who has been enhancing the beauty and confidence of clients since 2006. With nearly two decades of experience, Meg has honed a specialization in Brazilian sugar waxes, providing a gentler and more natural alternative to traditional waxing methods. Their comprehensive waxing services cater to all genders, ensuring everyone can enjoy smooth, hair-free skin in a comfortable and welcoming environment.


Beyond their waxing expertise, Meg offers a range of lash and brow services designed to highlight and enhance your natural features. From lash lifts that give your lashes a beautiful curl to brow lamination for perfectly groomed brows, and lash extensions for a fuller, more dramatic look, Meg tailors each treatment to meet the unique needs and preferences of their clients.


In addition to these beauty treatments, Meg provides cutting-edge Jet Plasma facials. This non-invasive procedure rejuvenates the skin, promoting a youthful and radiant complexion. For those looking to improve skin texture and appearance further, Meg offers Inkless Stretch mark revision, a revolutionary treatment that reduces the visibility of stretch marks without the need for ink or tattoos.


With a commitment to delivering exceptional results and a personalized approach to each client, Meg ensures that every visit is a luxurious and transformative experience. Whether you are looking to maintain smooth skin, perfect your lashes and brows, or rejuvenate your complexion, Meg is your trusted expert in esthetic services. Experience the ultimate in beauty and skincare with Meg, where professionalism, expertise, and client satisfaction are the top priorities.


Brandi Christiaens - Google Review

"Meg has been my aesthetician for over a decade, and she always does fantastic work! I am always confident that I’ll get exactly what I want and need from her. 100/10"


Eyelash Extensions

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Acrylic Fix

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