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Nicole Hughes

Effortless lived-in color and custom blonding specialist

With over seven years of experience, Nicole has mastered transforming women’s confidence through effortless lived-in color and custom blonding. With healthy hair as her top priority, Nicole is exceptional at educating clients and giving her professional honest opinion about what is achievable in each session and what reasonable goals might look like when considering hair type and integrity, visit frequency and budget. She puts immense time, care and precision into her craft to create stunning lived-in color with a seamless grow-out. Specializing in low maintenance lived-in color, she takes pride in her unmatched attention to detail to transform hair into a radiant masterpiece.

About Nicole

What’s your favorite part about working with clients in the salon?

It is often jokingly said that hairdressers are 3 things. Chemists, artists and therapists. While I love being creative and providing my clients with their hair goals, by far my favorite thing about what I do is spending one on one time with another individual and transforming their confidence while I do so.  It's truly amazing the impact a hairdresser can have on one's  life. For up to 3-4 hours you have this vast opportunity to visit and get to know somebody for who they are and make some sort of an impact on them and their life. That is pretty special.

Outside of the salon, what are your hobbies or passions that bring you joy?

Outside of the salon you will usually find me with the absolute joys of my life.  Working part-time allows me to raise my three precious babies and hold down the fort at home which is by far my more important job but creates a healthy balance for me personally giving me the ability to leave the walls of my home to go be creative with hair and gives me a social fix. 

With more than 7 years of experience, I specialize in low maintenance, lived-in color and custom blonding. Continually growing my education and knowledge in the industry I love to learn the newest techniques and trends to bring ONLY THE BEST to my clients and business. Healthy hair is my top priority, however, I’m confident I can help you attain the hair of your dreams through my trustworthy process.

A little more about me:

Born and raised in Missoula, Montana I love to call this place home. From a very early age I was often told how good I was at doing my hair and others. I was frequently asked if that was ever something I wanted to make a career out of some day but I intently had my sights set on the medical field. After a few semesters of college I started to realize it was more just that I wanted to care for others. I also longed for the ability to be a stay-at-home mother once it came time to have a family and wanted a career where I could decide when I worked. I decided to enroll in Cosmetology school and never looked back. I graduated from The Bitterroot School of Cosmetology in 2017 and started immediately at Fabrik salon.

When I’m not behind the chair:

In addition to working behind the chair, I help run our construction company by managing the office side of things and get to design the projects start to finish. Above all else, I am a devoted wife and mother who enjoys being with my family most of all. I truly feel so blessed to be able to raise my babies while working part-time behind the chair doing what I love. If you ask me, I’m living the dream.


For all booking inquiries please text Nicole directly at (406) 239-1386, Email, or DM on Instagram. A consultation via message is required before an appointment is booked. Please send a current/before photo as well.


Balayage: $195+

Partial Highlight: $165+

Gull Highlight: $195+


Color Services

All Over Color: $115
Color Retouch/Shadowroot: $115

Tone: $65


Cuts & Others

Haircuts: $50

Hair Treatments: $25

Color Correction: $115/hr

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